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Bad coder, no donut

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Kristoffer2011/04/25 11:36 AM
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Barbro2010/10/09 3:50 AM
Bernt2010/07/23 9:14 PM
Christy2010/04/24 11:25 PM
Barbro2010/04/19 12:28 PM
Bernt2010/03/30 7:12 PM
Barbro2010/02/13 8:59 AM
Bernt2009/12/31 7:36 PM
Christy2009/09/25 3:34 PM
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 The party of white people
Posted 1:05 PM by Kristoffer
Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 Swedish blueberries are actually bilberries which are not the same as north american blueberries. The things you learn.
Posted 2:05 PM by Kristoffer
Saturday Dec 31, 2011 McRib arbitrage.
Posted 10:05 PM by Kristoffer
Friday Dec 9, 2011 Us Scandinavians love butter.
Posted 6:05 PM by Kristoffer
Monday Aug 29, 2011 Fuck you Robertson. Right in the ear.
Posted 2:05 PM by Kristoffer
Sweden - "the land of bears, ice, and rocks"
- Rene Descartes