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Bad coder, no donut

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Kristoffer2011/04/25 11:36 AM
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Barbro2010/10/09 3:50 AM
Bernt2010/07/23 9:14 PM
Christy2010/04/24 11:25 PM
Barbro2010/04/19 12:28 PM
Bernt2010/03/30 7:12 PM
Barbro2010/02/13 8:59 AM
Bernt2009/12/31 7:36 PM
Christy2009/09/25 3:34 PM
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 The party of white people
Posted 1:05 PM by Kristoffer
Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 Swedish blueberries are actually bilberries which are not the same as north american blueberries. The things you learn.
Posted 2:05 PM by Kristoffer
Saturday Dec 31, 2011 McRib arbitrage.
Posted 10:05 PM by Kristoffer
Friday Dec 9, 2011 Us Scandinavians love butter.
Posted 6:05 PM by Kristoffer
Monday Aug 29, 2011 Fuck you Robertson. Right in the ear.
Posted 2:05 PM by Kristoffer
"It is a recurring theme in history that in times of war, armed conflict, or perceived national danger, even liberal democracies adopt measures infringing human rights in ways that are wholly disproportionate to the crisis." -Lord Johan Steyn